Course curriculum

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    • Lesson 1: Only Beautiful People Find Love

    • Lesson 2: Everyone Is Above Me

    • Lesson 3: Having Resources Is The Only Way To Be Successful

    • Lesson 4: Conflict And Adversity Causes Me Stress

    • Lesson 5: My Relationship Lacks Connection And Depth

    • Lesson 6: Anxiety And Worry Controls My Ability To Reach My Goals

    • Lesson 7: I Only Want People In My Life That Provide Immediate Value

    • Lesson 8: Life Is Too Chaotic To Experience Something New

    • Lesson 9: My Friends Have Everything That I Want

    • Lesson 10: I Am 'Not Ready' For A Relationship, New Job Or The Next Chapter In My Life

    • Lesson 11: My Friends Are More Successful Than Me

    • Lesson 12: My Dreams Are Unattainable