Do you want to learn how to connect with people authentically?

  • Be a stronger FB Live presenter?

  • Stop struggling to connect with your audience?

  • Take control of the interview!

In this digital age, it’s not enough to just have a great product.

You need to be able to communicate that product effectively and efficiently in order for people to understand what you do and why you do it.

If you can’t get your message across, then how will anyone know about the amazing things you do? It’s time for a change! Let former Fox Talk Show Host Rob Nelson teach you how easy it is to become a more effective communicator today! Guys, you already know the Digital Age is here and it's changing everything. It's time for you to Get Camera Ready! You'll learn the top 5 "NEW RULES" that will help you become a more effective communicator in this new world. This course will easily determine your ability to connect in the Digital Social Media era. These rules will help you become a more effective communicator and be seen as authentic and engaging. You'll learn what they are and why they're so important. This is something everyone should know about, especially if you have an online business or work for yourself. It's not just about connecting with your friends on social media but also being able to communicate effectively with customers and clients as well. If you're looking for an easy way to improve your communication skills, then this course is perfect for you. Rob Nelson has helped thousands of people around the world become more confident on Mainstream and Social Media, they become more authentic and relatable speakers and presenters. Teaching them these simple techniques is one of Rob's passions. Now he wants to teach YOU too! Click on this ad right now and sign up today!

Get Camera Ready

With Former Fox Talk Show Host and NYT Best Selling Author Rob Nelson

  • 1

    Get Camera Ready

    • Lesson 1: Be Your Authentic Self On Camera

    • Lesson 2: Viewers Don't Have Filters

    • Lesson 3: Before The Audience Listens They Have To Decide To Watch You

    • Lesson 4: Engaging Your Viewers Is The Only Way To Keep Them Watching

    • Lesson 5: The Audience Is What Matters Always!

    • Lesson 6: Commanding Attention Without Saying A Word Keeping Viewers Focused On You

    • Lesson 7: The Art Of Body Talk

    • Lesson 8: Using Your Voice To Influence The Audience

    • Lesson 9: Having A Point Of View

    • Lesson 10: The Secret To Being Your Authentic Self On Camera

    • Lesson 11: The Interview: Its Not What Most People Think

    • Lesson 12: The Essentials To Doing A Great Interview

    • Lesson 13: Six Essentials For Being Effective On Camera